Faith Frank: Making Impact In The Beauty Industry

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She’s not only making people feel good about their body & skin but her spa also keeps clients mentally & emotionally aligned with their being, resulting into completeness & Wholeness. 

How do you recommend your services to people who don’t know they need it?

In business you have to be strategic, for some people, from conversations they open up while some you have to be observant, from looking at them you can see that they are battling, stress, skin condition, acne, pimples etc so by just looking at them one can tell they need help even though most of them don’t even know spa is the solution to their problem; that’s why mostly as spa therapist, when we see this signs in people we feel that’s the right moment to market what we do to them while some that are sensitive about their skin do ask us questions and before you know business kicks-off (hehehehehehe) 

What are the benefits of visiting Spa?

Okay… I really wish people will understand the importance of visiting a spa because it plays a great role in our lives health-wise, spa is just not about fun and feeling good about oneself but is a place where you get your stressed taken away, you get your body and mind realigned especially with our sauna used on you, blood circulation improves not to talk of the fat burning and weight loss that follows thereafter, spa is just that place where you end up getting refreshed and mentally energized.

How enlightened are people in the northeast when we talk about the importance of visiting a spa?

There’s a cultural realignment that is needed for people in this part of the country to explore the benefits of spa, to some it’s normal while to some it’s not, some are extremely shy, Some say they don’t feel comfortable been in a place where strangers touch their body but like I always say; when it comes to taking care of your body, you need someone to do that for you, not just someone but a professional for that matter. Some have this idea that the spa is only meant for the rich or for luxury (yes for luxury) but you too can get yourself pampered and again I think it has to do with our lifestyle here in the north where women (who are not well traveled) feel it’s wrong to go out and see a spa therapist when it comes to their body but we cant deny that spa job is a professional job and we respect our clients privacies, we don’t take it for granted that’s why we made provision where we treat genders separately. I really wish we all got so enlightened where everyone who wants to feel pampered or taken care-of can just walk to a spa anywhere any day and get themselves refreshed.

Can we say people around here (Yola) see it normal to walk into your spa and request for your services?

Not all of them and on a scale of hundred we can say the percentage of people bold enough to walk into spa and ask for services are not worth bragging about and it’s as a result of our way of life here I guess, like I said earlier, to people who are well travelled, who went to other places and experience the way things are done, they are mostly our clients here but what people reading this should know is that getting a spa treat is what everyone of us should get used to and also know WE ONLY LIVE ONCE so it’s important we live it well and healthy, moreover if we don’t take care of ourselves, who will? Especially the married women who are always home I advise them to see this as an opportunity to embrace and feel good about their body For the men, there is a professional spa in yola now, give your women the treat they deserve, you don’t have to travel anywhere to experience this professional treat we are here to get your facials, skin, body and etc done like it’s never done before. Single ladies are also never left behind and those about to marry, we also have series of packages which should prepare you for your husband’s house.

How frequent would you advise one to visit a spa?

Okay… you can do that once in a month but for someone like me I don’t mind coming to spa every week, I don’t mind having massage every week and polishing my skin twice a month. You can make it a monthly routine at least once in a month but if you have the time you can always visit the spa anytime moreover your comfort and health should be a priority, who says it has to be just once? Heheheheheh

What are your services available at StunningBloom Spa?

Wow! We have lots of services here but let me just rollout a few; we do massage, waxing, body polishing, facials our facials is wow! You see all these white hairs/acne, we take them out professionally, we do acrylic, v-steaming with our chairs that can take three people at a time, we also recommend products for our clients after every treatment, our face cream? That is out of this world which makes it one of our best selling products, we do piercing, nails, manicure/pedicure, we also have a spacious barbing saloon where you can be comfortable, stunningBloom Spa is a very big place with spacious car parking and the privacy is 100% we also have separate rooms for both genders, you can also come with friends or as a group to have a spa party or date that is also welcome, OMG!!! And our garden is one place you wouldn’t want to miss our healthy & fruity drinks like no other.

What do you wish is talked about more when it comes to spa business?

Honestly for me is always the health aspect, people need to be enlightened and educated more on the importance of spa visitation, health wise this is beneficial to human body, it’s not only about getting your skin polished or scrubbed but deep inside when you come to a spa your pores are open and treated because as humans whatever we eat goes into our skin and the reactions can sometimes be unpleasant but with a good spa therapist you need not to worry.

How fast can you pronounce these words? Spar Spak Span

Spa Span Spark, Spark Span Spa heheheheheheh

How do you handle an upset client?

Really this is one of the most important aspect of the spa because people who walk into our spa comes with intentions to get pampered and feel good about themselves, we understand and cherish their comfort that’s why we mostly start by trying to calm them down, talk to them gently and make them know what is expected of them and how good they are going to feel after the services rendered as a matter of fact sometimes you go as far as giving them free psychological consultation just to get them relaxed and to be free with you.

Do you offer home services?

No….Yes…. I said so because it’s more beneficial for clients coming to the spa so as to have access to various machines and packages and also having a conducive environment but in terms of home services, clients wouldn’t have all these options to explore more except those services which she/he asked for, in the case of people of age who find it hard to move from one place to another it is understood so we do give them their treat at home, that’s my reason for saying yes and no at the same time.

Do you offer consultation on skin/body product etc?

Yes we do, we also do recommend after care products that suites a client’s skin after treatment, yes we do.

How did you start? (The Spa Thing)

Yeah that was 2016 after I finished my NYSC, I’ve always been having this seasonal skin reaction on my face so I’ve always been going to spa back then in lagos to find solution to my skin problem and before I knew it I started falling in love with the spa gradually and then I said to myself, there are lots of people who are also going through skin challenge like mine, why can’t I help in solving their problem too, so I started learning the business to an extend of  rising to the rank of a spa manager in lagos before coming back to yola to start mine, so spa business is me pursuing  my passion.

So it wasn’t just about the money in the beginning huh?

Well the money is there and of course we need money to pay bills but it has been passion first, I have lot to do in this business I’m here to change the face of spa business in northeast Nigeria and the world at large for good.

Why Choose Yola as Location?

It always grieves my heart when friends during discussion say there’s no spa in yola and to me that’s a bad projection of yola, they try to make it sound as if yola is a village and the truth is it’s not, I came from adamawa and this is my state so I feel let me do my own part in putting yola on the map just like others in their respective industries.

Working on any new product or services?

Yes we are working on so many things but for now we are channeling energy on our body cream OMG!! It’s gonna be a blast when that comes out, already we have our bath soap, shower gel, face cream etc but this body cream coming out is gonna be the bomb! Before now we have other products we are not using for clients but we have now activated them into use eg ELD face mask and also talking about adding new services; initially there wasn’t barbing saloon but we’ve got a standard barbing saloon now working for our clients cause our customer’s satisfaction is a priority, not forgetting our new spa garden where you can come relax with friends and enjoy healthy drinks and smoothies of all kinds.

How can we follow StunningBloom Spa in social media?

It’s one handle all over our social media platforms from facebook, instagram & twitter it’s @StunningBloomSpa but I’ll recommend you visit and follow our instagram page more cause that’s where you find latest updates with unfiltered videos of our services.

Where is StunningBloom Spa located?

Bekaji behind parliament, Opposite Tanzania Crescent between estate circles, a white painted building with stunningBloom Spa signage

What do you detest as a person?

I’m a very organized person so I want everything around me to be clean.

Who is Faith Frank?

Heheheheh I’m from the Bwatiye land, Numan Adamawa State, a proud Bwatiye lady from a family of 7 and the last baby of the house, I graduated from University of maidguri served (NYSC) in abuja, I stayed in lagos for a while before relocating back to yola.

What are your words to listeners?

Keep coming to StunningBloom Spa as it’s the best place to be in the whole city of yola, that’s why it’s called stunning bloom spar

It’s been a great time with you.

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