Wafari Theman Awarded by World Organization of Ambassadors for Promoting Peaceful Coexistence.

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The World Organisation of Ambassadors headquartered in Argentina is the mother organization of Peace Ambassadors in Nigeria, it is partnering with Hand up Development Organisation to promote peace world-wide. The North – East region hosted a summit to promote peaceful coexistence in our communities.

Speaking at the event, Zachariah Kraha, the North East coordinator said the award is based on critical and in-depth evaluation of the recipients contribution to promoting peace in their communities and beyond.

He emphasized that the award comes with State, national and international responsibilities, For to whom much is given, much is also expected.

Wafari Theman was honoured with the award of Ambassador of Peace and Community Transformation, for ensuring peaceful coexistence and upscaling the living conditions of many rural and urban Farmers in Adamawa State.

Delivering a Goodwill message at the event, the state coordinator of RIFAN – CBN special project in Adamawa State, and Chief executive officer of Mentors International, Honourable Wafari Theman said the most difficult leadership is the leadership of oneself, Wafari called on the people to respect humanity and lead themselves very well as an antidote for peace.

The secretary to the Government of Gombe State representated by Yusuf Daudu Kaltungo commended the organizers for standing firm on the promotion of pecae and for the timely discussion of peace and issues surrounding insecurity.

He said the emphasis on religion, ethnicity, region, tribe and colour is the basis of the insecurity we are facing. Because when we promote our differences more than what unite us, then crisis is inevitable. we must accept one another and see each other as decendants of same parents.

Dr. Musa Gida a board member of Peace Ambassadors representating the African chancellor said we are all one and the same. He encouraged the people to unite, support and build one another.

The Gombe State commissioner for culture Honourable Julius Lapez representating the deputy Governor of Gombe State said we cannot develope and grow without peace, saying trillions of naira have so far been spent by Nigeria to curb insecurity, monies that would’ve been used to better the lives of the citizens. He emphasis that we must progress from preaching peace to living peacefully. The much we can do is to change ourselves and practice peace he said.

Special prayers was held for peace in our communities, region, Nigeria and the whole of Africa.

The event was attended by traditional leaders, Mercy Corps, civil society organisations, the general public and the clergy

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