Perfect Gifts to your spouse this festive season

Its that magical time of the year where you open up your wallet in order to make those around you happy, especially your spouses. If only for a short period of time. We think that most people could use some guidelines with the types of gift they offer this holiday season because we remember how hard it is to pick something that would really be useful and well received.

Forget about buying socks, sweaters, ties and that perfume which you usually go for. You don’t necessarily need to spend more than you normally would on a gift but if your budget allows for it with just a 10 or 20% increase in your budget, you can dramatically increase the quality of your gift making it a lot more relevant and memorable.

A Travel Bag

We’ve always been surprised that people don’t have decent travel bags, which makes it the perfect gift. Your spouse will definitely use it and it’s one of those things they never thought they needed before they got one.

Festival Tickets

Festivals are big right now and everyone wants to go to one. Its definitely one of those things you’d want to experience when you’re young, cause these are memories you will have when you’re old. Think about it, you can gift your spouse an epic memory and experience in exchange for a little bit of cash. If you’re an older couple, look for concert tickets of bigger names that you’re significant other have always wanted to see performed live. It will mean the world to them.

Set of Five Books

We are big fans of books and it has always been a great gift to give someone. The magic is to get more than one. If you’re buying your spouse a single book, you better know that they really really wanted it but for some reason never got it that there’s some emotional thing going on. Otherwise, pick five books that fit your spouse. Try to put together his/her personality through these five books from different authors and different perspectives. That’s what makes the gift so great. You can gift them a self health book, a book about the universe, a book about learning how to cook. Either one of these can be a big hit and you’ve just won this gift giving session.

A Master Class or Training Course

If your significant other has a particular passion, look for courses that could improve their skills regarding it.
There are a large number of website which will have a bunch of anything you can think of. Although we’d recommend going for a premium course like a master class. If not look for things happening in your geography, a photography course, a dance class or whatever they are into.

Quality Sunglasses

Life is too short to be wearing #150 sunglasses. Its time to grow up and level up to what adults use. If you wanna go for an experience, get yourself and your spouse a pair if quality sunglasses with a funkier design. Life is meant to be enjoyed. Don’t live behind some boring looking shades.


A Board Game

This is something to get for your inner cycle, which makes it a perfect gift for your spouse. Board games are not for geeks, they are actually really fun and there is a bunch of then that you can enjoy. You know its the holiday season, people are taking in decent quantities of wine and that’s when a board game is perfect. It brings out a little competitiveness between spouses or/with guests. Everything seems funnier due to the wine and that’s how you end up with a fun night. Your spouse will love your gift. If you want some recommendation, we’d go with Alias(Men vs Women), or Activity 18+ club edition( if you know what I mean). You guys will enjoy it.

A Premium Bottle of Champagne

There are very few gifts that are better than a bottle of champagne. Champagne means celebration and premium champagne is reserved for the very good times ahead. If you’re not feeling the champagne vibes, go for premium wine or whisky dependent on who your spouse is.

And sometimes the best gifts are not objects. But whatever you do, don’t buy a gift basket. They lack personality, unless you put it together yourself.