We Are Starting From Ground-UP A New Festival ~ Lemuel Knight

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The Bauchi base rap god whose next studio project titled #7even drops in a bit broke the news through his official Facebook page with a post that reads “we going to start a new festival (from the scratch) – Art, Music & sports.

Lemuel Knight’s (The Street legend) has over the times proved his dexterity in music, his lyrical ability and mastery of the rap game and how it works – especially in the Northern part of Nigeria. His works reeks of perfect finesse such that it is difficult not to fall in love with his works even if you were listening for the first time. Not new to theses streets, he stands tall amongst rappers of his kind; contributing his essence in elevating the state of rap/hip-hop culture and its wide acceptance amongst the youths in the North with his captivating messages that centers on societal concerns from sex in exchange of favors, the banes of illicit indulgence, addictions amongst other social vices.

Knight is that creative who is consistently on the move; and when not making music, he’s found chasing papers- (money) through his entrepreneurial pursuits. He owns a store (LendoStore). Outside of this, he maintains his relevance, extending the core of his influence and impact through his podcast show-#LendoPodcast – a Culture Talk Show, Interactive session with Creatives, New-age Entrepreneurs, Urban lifestyle and Hip Hop.

We are keeping our fingers crossed in anticipation of this festival. We can bet that it would be great – as Lemuel Knight is synonymous to greatness!

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