9th Miss Taraba 2022/23: I’ll Use My Platform To Help Widows And The Girl-Child In Taraba State ~ Queen Justina Haruna


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In the 2022/2023 edition of the Miss Taraba Beauty Pageantry hosted by Prime Planet Events (organizers of Miss/Mr. Taraba), female models and beauty queens from around Taraba State went all out with the hopes of wearing the coveted crown that came with watering opportunities for humanitarian services amongst other tremendous benefits.


After a dire and challenging process that came with tasks for the contestants who participated in this year’s edition, Justina Haruna emerged the winner. Long may she reign!

The 20-year-old Jalingo born undergraduate of Taraba State University is a proud indigene of Taraba State, a passionate photo-model, an ambivert and a writer with an easygoing personality.


Stir360 sat with her in an interview and she tells about her life before the crown, her obstacles, present day perception of pageantry in the north and the future of pageantry. She also let us in on her passion to help widows and the girl-child in Taraba State through her campaign as Miss Taraba 2022/23. Enjoy the read!

Stir360: Congratulations on your crowned as Miss Taraba 2022/23. How did it feel going in to contest for the most cherished crown in Taraba?

It feels quite overwhelming, very challenging and impressive


Stir360: Did you contested for the Miss Taraba crown amongst other crowns from the 10 issued by Prime Planet if yes, why that particular crown?

Yes I did contested for Miss Taraba and my reason is because I aimed big to impact where I think has been neglected.

Stir360: What inspired you to contest for Miss Taraba 2022/23?

That’s a great question. I have been a photo model since 2018. I love fashion so much. I love watching YouTube videos on pageantry but I never picked interest in I until in 2021 when I discovered northern Nigeria’s view on pageantry is different from what I see.


Stir360: What’s your perspective?

 They see the more negative side than the positive, so I thought of contesting to correct the wrong perceptions about pageantry.

Stir360: Talking about pageantry in the North, would you say it has evolved over the years? If yes, share with us your take on that?

Yes, it has. Quite sure, the northern part of Nigeria have developed interest in pageantry. The positive parts are gradually becoming visible to this part of the country, it’s a good thing and I am happy about it.

Stir360: Share with us the impact of pageantry in Taraba State where you come from?

Pageantry so far has impacted lots of youth in various ways. Through pageantry, there are now more fashion schools in Taraba than before. Pageantry also impacted lives through the projects by the Kings/Queens in the State. Admirers of pageantry have increased by the day in Taraba State because of its positive impact through great personalities and I’m impressed.

Stir360: Talking about projects, do you have one?

Yes of course I do. I embarked on contesting for this position primarily to give back to the society. My project is focused on reaching the widows and less privileged girls in Taraba State and by God’s grace tthis would be actualized the ending of January 2023. A date would be fixed soon.

Stir360: Is there a reason why you chose to focus on widows and less privileged girls?

Yes – most especially widows. I grew up in an area where I saw their struggles, their worries and tears to feed and clothe their children and most of the times, they find it difficult to send all their kids to school. I feel the need to assist by using my office as Miss Taraba. Young girls are not left out and as the number one young female citizen, I need to look out for my fellow young women too.

Stir360: You are also a photo model. A lot of people mistake beauty queens for models – as the same thing. Is there a relationship between the two?

True, lot of people mistake every beauty queen for a model. This could be possible because most queens from statistics are photogenic and fashionistas. A model is a person employed to display clothes or merchandise while a beauty queen is a winner of a beauty contest regardless of whether she’s a model or not.

Stir360: With the crown on your head now, will you still be photo modeling or that will have to wait till after your tenure?

I will do both, because I love shooting pictures, it’s one of my hobbies and I don’t find it stressful.

Stir360: What career path would you have picked if not modeling and being a beauty queen?

Fashion designing and acting.

Stir360: Your passions revolve around fashion & fame, what inspired that from the beginning?

Not really fame though. I just love fashion, and entertainment as a whole, it is fun. I always love watching TV shows, movies, movie trailers, talent shows, etc. I come alive watching them. I think they spur and inspire me.

Stir360: Let’s switch gears, talk to us about life before the crown, how was it for you?

I’m naturally born a hustler, in fact I was on my way to submit an application in a restaurant when I got to know about Mr. /Miss Taraba contest. I am the first of four in my family, naturally first-borns are known for shouldering responsibilities, looking after their siblings even though their parents are still alive. Life is cool, with few friends, family and course mates. I’m a social media person though I couldn’t command more influence on Instagram because affording data is hectic as usual.

Stir360: Talking about how hectic, aside buying data, what other challenges did you face that shaped you to the better version of yourself we see today?

While growing up I faced lots of challenges. I can’t appreciate my parents enough because they have done their best for me and my siblings. I will live to thank them all the days of my life. It’s not all the time we eat three square meal but we were taught to be grateful and as the first of four in my family, I was always reminded to set an example for my siblings in all aspects of life. My discipline was intense and different from the others. My mom is always emphatic on being contented, though we weren’t born with silver spoon yet we were raised to be patient and not to compare ourselves with the other kids. Whenever there’s a need in the house, mine is always the last to receive attention – more like the patient dog, smiles… But growing up, I later realized that all along, our mom taught us the virtues of contentment which is one of the most important values of life.

Stir360: You are the 9th Miss Taraba, what does this crown mean to you?

As the 9th Miss Taraba the crown means a lot to me. Firstly and most importantly, the crown represents every girl-child in Taraba State. It represents responsibilities, loyalty and prestige.

Stir360: Don’t you see your crown as a distraction to your studies?

I wouldn’t really say it’s a distraction, if queens like me are given at least monthly allowances to balance their financial needs. But it’s a distraction when you have to battle with studies, outfits and shoes for events, makeovers to look your best. It’s quite disturbing.

Stir360: At the end of your reign as the 9th Miss Taraba, what do you hope to achieve?

My heart desire is to impact my community through touching the lives of the less privileged, orphans, widows, and the girl-child and to unleash the beauty and dignity of pageantry to the world out there.

Stir360: Prime Planet crowned 5 Queens and 5 Kings from its last event. You emerged as one. Do you feel the need for collaboration between you all?

Of course, I have always thought of that, two heads are better than one. If we collaborate together, we would make great progress and impact in our community but it still depends on our energy and our commitment towards it.

Stir360: Talk to girls aspiring to be the next Miss Taraba.

One necessary thing I would love every girl who has passion to be the next Miss Taraba to have in mind is to have your community at heart, have positive solutions to your community. Fame, rewards and honours are just spices in pageantry, they come after hard work and persistence. Focus on the positivity you can add to human value than anything else.

Stir360: How do you unwind to stay mentally sound and creative?

I watch movies or write

Stir360: What is your favorite food?

Lols Fried rice, salad and chicken

Stir360: Thank you for your time and we wish you the best.

Thank you for this great opportunity and giving to me to express myself about pageantry

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