Alhaji Sadiq Umar Daware Appointed Member of Adamawa Emirate Council.

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Alhaji Sadiq Umar Daware Appointed Member of Adamawa Emirate Council.

Alhaji Sadiq Umar Daware, renowned for his leadership as NECAS Boss, Executive Chairman of Zoom Beverages LTD, and the Founder of Dan-Lawan Football Academy, has recently been appointed as a distinguished member of the Adamawa Emirate Council. This prestigious recognition, bestowed upon him on February 13, 2024, adds to his illustrious journey of service and dedication to Adamawa State.

Alhaji Sadiq’s appointment, following his recent chieftaincy title of Dan-Lawan, underscores his sterling contributions to the state across various spheres. His multifaceted capacities, spanning agriculture, politics, entrepreneurship, empowerment, and philanthropy, have made him a beacon of inspiration.

Alhaji Sadiq Umar Daware Appointed Member of Adamawa Emirate Council

Sadiq’s philanthropic endeavors transcend boundaries, impacting diverse sectors and communities both locally and globally. Particularly in the agricultural sector, his influence has been transformative, reshaping Nigeria’s agricultural landscape. As a staunch advocate for youth empowerment, especially in agriculture, he has nurtured numerous young talents into independent and successful entrepreneurs.

In a time when many Nigerian graduates are vying for limited white-collar opportunities, Sadiq’s unwavering commitment to agriculture sets him apart as a role model. His journey from plough to prominence exemplifies resilience and determination, inspiring both the young and the old.

Hailing from the Fufore local government area of Adamawa State and a graduate of the Federal University of Technology Yola (MAUTECH), Alhaji Sadiq embodies visionary leadership in agriculture. Through his ventures, including Zoom Beverages Ltd., he not only revolutionizes Nigeria’s agricultural system but also provides employment opportunities, contributing to the nation’s socio-economic development.

With numerous national and international accolades in agriculture, Alhaji Sadiq’s appointment to the Adamawa Emirate Council is a testament to his exemplary leadership and service. The entire team at Stir360 celebrates this well-deserved honor and congratulates him on this significant achievement.

Alh. Sadiq Daware
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