Honours Awards by Stir360 Magazine

March is female on stir360, filled with female inspiring stories.

From inception, our mantra has been and remains to explore, reorganize and celebrate A-listers, trendsetters, game changers who through their voices, talents, and platforms put in work to making societies and the world at large a better place “especially” in the northeast region of Nigeria.

Over the past years we have churned out leading quarterly publications in prints/digital formats and now we have taken step in furthering our course by honouring individuals, corporate bodies and organizations found worthy of recognition through our annual award tagged “HONOURS”.

This maiden edition of the awards comes with a special feature and the release of our 2022 first quarter magazine that is dedicated to women whose works and achievements speaks for itself and various walks of life and industries.

This is scheduled for 26th march 2022 at Fasnet Cenima Jimeta, Along FCE road jimeta Yola, This event Starts 3pm and ends 6:60pm where over 10 influential women would be recognized for their impact and selfless service to humanity, This award specifically recognizes only the worthy.

Let’s get the ball rolling to honours 2022!

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