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Desktop/Mobile Banners

In this package, your products and services takes the spotlight and center stage on all of our digital platforms and is accessible on all desktop and mobile devices.

Social Media

Stir360 boasts of a digital platform that connects people with great local and international businesses, brands, products and services with their communities. This package provides you the base to be visible on all of our social media portals with engagements from all around the world.

PR and Native Articles

You can feature your original article and also publicize your works on all of our digital media platform- website, social media.

YouTube Advertising

Stir360 YouTube Channel attracts massive viewership and heavy traffic from the continents of the earth. You can Promote your products, services, business, brand and works with peak views, subscriptions, likes and engagements from your specific interested audience with our customized personal approach tailor made for your satisfaction.

Video Production and Promotion

Let’s help you produce excellent video content of world-class standard using high performance video tools and applications laded with content creativity. We work closely with companies big and small to spec and individuals create, deliver and promote high quality videos to reach a wider audience.

Special Projects

To help attract more engagements on your special projects, this package amplifies your visibility and heralds your works.

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