2023 international women’s day would be loud, different and the impact would last a lifetime as Stir360 would yet again recognize brands owned and fronted by female forces in the fashion/beauty industry in the northeast of Nigeria.

For every elegant outfit by fashion houses, glitz and glamorous facebeats by make-Up Artistes, charming & elegant hairstyles by hairstylists, and of course the magic moments created by masseuses in spa houses that has reverberated physical relaxation and getting the stress off worked bodies, Honours Awards 2023 by Stir360 would be recognizing and rewarding the creativity, dexterity & hard work and excellence of deserving brands.

This March 2023, for the first time in Jimeta-Yola – the capital city of Adamawa State,
A-List Fashion Houses, MakeUp Artists, Hair Stylists and Spas from across the northeast Nigeria will be singled out for merited honours.

It is a moment to cherish, a night to relish for a lifetime! Who gets honored??

Stir360 Honours Awards
Celebrating Forwardness!


From inception, our mantra has been and remains to explore, reorganize and celebrate A-listers, trendsetters, game changers who through their voices, talents, and platforms put in work to making societies and the world at large a better place “especially” the sons and daughters of the northeast of Nigeria.